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Remote Service:
New Computer Setup Complete - $ 240

This service is for persons who have a new computer that they not only want setup but also want as much data, settings and programs copied over from old computer. 

Old Computer Data and Programs to copy:

  1. Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, My Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos and Public folders

  2. Bookmarks/favorites/passwords stored in Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer or Firefox,

  3. Customized Desktop icons, screen saver, desktop backgrounds and shortcuts to match as close as possible to old computer desktop.

  4. MS Office, Printer/Scanner, Dropbox, One Drive, Security and other programs that a client might request be copied over if the installation software is available.

  5. I also try to setup Outlook or other Mail program to match with old computers email settings.

  6. Other personal Data that might be stored on C drive that client asks to be copied.

  7. Since many clients have lots of questions for first couple weeks after they have a new computer this package also includes free remote support for 14 days from day I first work on new computer.

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